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If you are a travel agent or you think you could help us promoting our guest house in the Maldives, making some cash in the progress you should keep reading! What’s great is that aside of getting paid (commission based payments), you will also be able to spend some time at our guest house in Maldives, completely for free. Yes, you have read it well, for free!

What’s expected of you is to do your best in promoting our services to your countrymen. We will help you with any kind of promo material and guidance you might require. We hope for our collaboration to turn into a long-term partnership, where all sides will have huge benefit.

So let’s summarize. You will be able to work from anywhere in the world; no experience is needed, just some good will; we will provide you with 24/7 consultancy; you will get FREE stay in the Maldives; we will also provide you with a personalized web page, email account, business card and marketing material. We will help you enjoy your job at fullest. Sunny sandbanks of Maldives are waiting for you!

We at Islandhost regard you as a valued travel partner and recognize your significant contributions to our success in serving travelers worldwide. We offer our partners a potential long-term business opportunity in the Maldives fastest growing budget holiday market.

If you are interested to become a partner, click on the button below to complete the contact form. We will reply you with the details as soon as possible.

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